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You Can Increase Your Strength With The Help Of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Want to exponentially increase your strength ? The fitness industry is full of products that are supposed to increase your strength. The truth is, however, that the vast majority of these strength-increasing products don't work at all. It might be time for you to try something different, perhaps nitric oxide supplements.

Are you afraid that nitric oxide supplements might not work for you? There’s a lot of science behind nitric oxide supplements and the benefits they bring.

What is nitric oxide?

Our bodies naturally produce nitric oxide. Specifically, nitric oxide is produced by certain specialized cells in our bodies. Nitric oxide plays an important role in the regulation of our blood flow. That’s why the vascular endothelium has an important role in producing nitric oxide.

Unfortunately, our bodies tend to produce too much nitric oxide when affected by certain diseases, such as Alzheimer's. Too much nitric oxide affects blood flow and other vascular functions in a negative way.

It is quite simple to define nitric oxide - a nitrogen atom connected to an oxygen atom. Nitric oxide helps with regulating blood pressure and increasing brain function. Can nitric oxide send out signals to the smooth muscle of the artery wall? It can and it does signal the smooth muscle of the artery wall to relax. That’s how nitric oxide lowers blood pressure in your body.

Nitric oxide hasn't always been considered beneficial for the human body. Up until recently, nitric oxide was considered akin to smog. Fortunately, three prominent scientists discovered the positive sides of nitric oxide and won a Nobel Prize for it. These scientists discovered that nitric oxide propels the artery walls to relax, which decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow.

How nitric oxide supplements can help you increase strength

It’s great if you work out in order to increase your strength. However, wouldn’t you like to get some help, a boost of some type? Would you like assistance to increase your strength even further? Nitric oxide supplements can help you get the most out of exercise. These supplements can help increase your strength in many different ways.

An increase in recovery rates

The use of nitric oxide supplements increases recovery rates. Intense training can leave you very tired. However, with nitric oxide supplements, your muscles will receive more oxygen and therefore recover better.

One of the most important things for a fast recovery is that your muscles receive enough nutrients. That’s why an improvement in blood flow matters so much to muscles. Due to increased recovery rates, you will be able to train more frequently and increase your strength more easily.

Decreased fatigue

It’s hard to exercise properly when you are feeling fatigue. The more you exercise, the more oxygen you use. After a while, you stop exercising due to fatigue. A nitric oxide supplement can help get more oxygen to your tissues, which results in the reduction of lactic acid build-up. As a result, fatigue decreases, which allows you to exercise more.

An increase in energy

Nitric oxide supplements improve blood flow, which results in a better temperature balance. When you exercise, your temperature rises, and the body tries to decrease that temperature. Your body tries to decrease the temperature by cooling down tissues.

Your body can more effectively cool down the tissues with the presence of increased blood flow. And that's just what nitric oxide supplements do, they help improve blood flow, so that your body doesn’t have to waste energy on improving blood flow. As a result, you will be left with extra energy for exercise.

An improvement in endurance performance

If you are an endurance athlete, nitric oxide supplements will be especially beneficial to you. While nitric oxide supplements do improve strength, they also help increase your endurance performance. When oxygen is not able to get to the muscle tissues easily, endurance performance suffers.

Taking nitric oxide supplements improves blood flow, and allows for an easy delivery of oxygen to the muscle tissues. If you want your endurance performance to increase exponentially, you need to start taking nitric oxide supplements. Another great benefit of taking these supplements is that you will feel like going through a normal training session.

'Pumped' muscles after workouts

Don’t you love feeling your muscles tighten up after an intense training session? You can increase that muscle tightness by taking nitric oxide supplements. With these supplements, your muscles will be even tighter and the feeling will stay with you for a longer time period.

Tight muscles are a result of result of increased blood flow to muscle tissues. Regular exercise already tightens your muscles up to a point. However, with nitric oxide supplements, that tightness will be more pronounced, because of the improved blood flow. With tighter muscles, you will have more motivation to continue exercising.

How Nitroxyl solves the L-arginine issue

Most nitric oxide supplements contain L-arginine. This amino acid was first shown to have a great role in the production of nitric oxide. As a result, companies started producing supplements that contained L-arginine. However, it has recently been discovered that L-arginine is not that beneficial after all.

Supplements that contain L-arginine can increase inflammation. As a result of inflammation, you can easily get injured during training. We are talking about injuries such as bursitis, torn rotator cuffs, tendonitis, etc. Additional research is being done on L-arginine, in order to study its potentially negative effects on our bodies.

Fortunately, our nitric oxide supplement, Nitroxyl, does not contain L-arginine. Nitroxyl contains L-citrulline, which is also an amino acid. L-citrulline essentially helps in the final production stages of nitric oxide. Much research has been done on this amino acid, and the results have been spectacular. L-citrulline is perfectly safe to use, regardless of quantity.

It’s also a great idea to take Nitroxyl alongside polyphenols.  These so called "polyphenols" are compounds that protect people from insects, fungi, ultraviolet radiation, and bacteria. Polyphenols also protect people against free radical damage.

Free radical damage increases the risk of various degenerative diseases. Polyphenols help protect your body against cardiovascular diseases. These compounds also boost nitric oxide production and improve blood pressure.

Polyphenols can be found in pomegranate and cocoa. When polyphenols are used in combination with hawthorn, this allows L-citrulline to have an optimal effect on your body.