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Pale Blue Dot, Inc is the product of the combined efforts of a small group of holistically oriented physicians who have been practicing functional medicine and clinical nutrition for decades. Our purpose is to bring truly clinically effective products to the public at the lowest possible cost. All of our products will be evidence-based and will have been thoroughly studied for both safety and efficacy.


The doctors at Pale Blue Dot, Inc have been very successful in helping their patients restore and maintain health without the use of drugs in most cases. And while the nutrition industry has seen astonishing growth over the past twenty years, the lack of quality control in terms of supplement formulation and health claims made on product labels has resulted in a misled majority who are over-paying for second rate supplements.


Our primary goal at Pale Blue Dot, Inc is an altruistic one: to bring the best nutritional science has to offer to the general public at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to updating our products and information as new scientific studies are published. We are here to serve the greater good and over the long-term have a significant positive impact on as many lives as possible through authentic products and information.

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