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Greetings and thank you for taking a moment to visit our site!

All of us here at would love to extend an invitation to all of Dr. Wilding’s wellness patients to join us in our new endeavor: to explore the latest and greatest medical research as it pertains to health and wellness, optimal human function, and longevity.

We feel truly blessed to have Dr. Wilding join our team for reasons that you, as his patient, are certainly aware of. His passion for educating the public has been the cornerstone of his success in practice, and his uncommon ability to consume information and distill it without over-simplification is a treasured gift. In today’s age of information and mis-information, it is especially imperative to have a reliable guide who can separate fact from fiction, exaggeration from accuracy, and provide big picture thinking to incorporate cutting edge information into our daily lives.

We relied on Dr. Wilding to formulate our two current nutritional supplements, Nitroxyl and Nitroxyl Performance, and we are pleased to say they have changed the lives of thousands of people already. We are looking forward to bringing a few more products to the market place that will also be quite special in their formulation and impact, and we look forward to working with Dr. Wilding to develop those as well.

As part of our ongoing marketing campaign, Dr. Wilding has generously agreed to produce an ongoing series of videos/podcasts that will be used to educate the public and occasionally promote our products.

In lieu of receiving payment for his time and efforts, Dr. Wilding instead requested that we frequently extend to you, his favorite patients, offers for very deep discounts on any and all of our products in perpetuity.

Consequently, we will be frequently offering private sales and very deep discounts to those of you who sign up for our education series. There is no obligation to buy (even at 90% off the sale price!) and you will receive email links to the videos that Dr. Wilding releases.

If you would like to be notified of all further informational videos that Dr. Wilding produces, as well as be alerted to any private deals we create, please join above.

When you join, you will get instant access to the first video Dr. Wilding produced entitled “The Dark side of Nitric Oxide”. Join today, as we will be closing registration on June 23rd, 2017.

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