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Q. What are the general directions for use?
A. Nitroxyl has been formulated by doctors in a clinical setting who are familiar with and trained to use clinical nutritional strategies to both prevent disease and intervene in disease processes when necessary. The formula has been found to be well tolerated by thousands of patients in a clinical setting and due to the wide reaching benefits and the profound effect on physiological function, people have widely variable experiences when taking Nitroxyl.

The maximum recommended dose, as described on the label, is three capsules daily in divided doses. However, it is recommended that you begin by taking one capsule per day for the first week, then increase to two capsules per day for the second week, and finally three capsules per day on the third week.

To reach maximum effect, the supplement should be taken at full dose (3 per day) for no less than six months. Conditions associated with lower nitric oxide production take years to develop before the first symptoms are seen, and it is for this reason that it takes several months for the body to repair itself to the point of symptomatic relief.

After six to twelve months, most individuals are able to maintain their results on two capsules per day (one capsule taken am & pm).

Q. How do I know I need to take Nitroxyl?
A. If you're 40 years of age or older, you need it. We all lose our ability to produce adequate levels after the age of 40 years. And since nitric oxide is imperative for the proper function of the brain, heart and arteries, and immune system, it would not make any sense to miss out on the advantage that comes with the boosting of nitric oxide.

Q. Will I get better or faster results if I take a higher dose?
A. Maybe. Some people that are very physically fit to begin with and have been eating properly (lots of greens) for a long time will be able to tolerate a higher dose of the supplement and will see their nitric oxide level rise more quickly. But really the regular dose of three capsules per day should be enough.

Q. Is dosage weight dependent?
A. No, but Nitroxyl is not recommended for children. An adult of any size will benefit from the standard dosage.

Q. How long should I take Nitroxyl?
A. For as long as you want to reap the benefits of adequate nitric oxide. People over 40 should be supplementing nitric oxide precursors for the rest of their lives. It is the most important supplement to come along in the history of nutritional science. Not only because of its impact on physiology but the fact we simply can’t get enough from food.

Q. How should I feel after taking Nitroxyl?
A. This is widely variable from one person to the next, and is largely determined by lifestyle factors such as how well you eat and how much exercise you get. Most people feel more energy, more physical stamina, more mental stamina, and better gastrointestinal function. Many report major changes in quality of sleep (some quit snoring!) and better concentration capacity.

Q. How long does it take to get results?
A. It is important to realize that between genetic factors and lifestyle factors it is currently impossible to predict how long it will take each individual to reach maximum benefit from nitric oxide enhancement, but it is safe to say that it will take at least six months of continuous and proper supplementation to get there.

Q. How will I know when my nitric oxide level is better?
A. You will be able to tell by the symptomatic improvement, which is the primary indicator, but you can also buy Berkely Test Strips online and test your saliva level. This is a general indicator of systemic nitric oxide and will rise over time with Nitroxyl supplementation, a basic amount of aerobic exercise, and the consumption of plenty of vegetables.

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. In rare cases, individuals will have a increase in symptoms that were already present, such as back pain, headaches, anxiety, or sleep disturbance. This is known as a paradoxical effect - the opposite of what is expected. While these side effects are not dangerous, we recommend immediate discontinuation of Nitroxyl if any undesirable effects are detected. Some individuals can be sensitive to one of the plant extracts found in the formula, and others might not be able to tolerate the speed of the increase in nitric oxide and the increased blood perfusion to the brain might lead to headache. It is for this reason we recommend beginning Nitroxyl by taking one capsule per day for the first week, then increasing to two capsules for a week or two, then take the full dose of three capsules afterward. If you are feeling fine at two capsules but the third creates unwanted effects, we recommend cutting back to two per day and staying at that dose for several weeks and then try introducing the third capsule again. But if only one capsule causes an unwanted effect, it is unlikely that you will be able to tolerate Nitroxyl at all, and we recommend giving it to someone you care about. It always works (increases nitric oxide), but it will not be tolerated by absolutely everybody.

IMPORTANT: some individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune disease or chronic infectious processes will see an increase in their symptoms rather than a reduction in symptoms. This is not a failure of the product. Rather, this is an important diagnostic indicator that can be used as important information by a physician trained in integrative medicine or functional medicine. Very often people take nitric oxide supplements and find out they react negatively to them and assume they are sensitive to an ingredient. This is often life saving information when relayed to a properly trained physician (the vast majority of American physicians have no training in, or understanding of, clinical nutrition).

If you experience any unpleasant effects as a consequence of taking Nitroxyl, and you followed the instructions and began by taking one capsule per day, please click the link below and find a doctor nearby. Schedule a consultation and bring your bottle of Nitroxyl with you. A doctor certified by the Institute For Functional Medicine will have the necessary training to know what tests to order and what potential inflammatory conditions to rule out or elucidate and treat.

Find a functional medicine doctor near you.

Q. Where is Nitroxyl Made
A. Nitroxyl is manufactured in the Unites States at a GMP certified laboratory

Q. Can Nitroxyl lower blood pressure?
A. Published peer-reviewed medical research indicates that the maintenance of nitric oxide production by the endothelium (inner surface of the artery walls) is critical for the regulation of blood pressure. This is because nitric oxide is a signaling molecule and it tells the artery wall to relax. Consequently, many individuals who take Nitroxyl notice a reduction in their blood pressure. This effect, when it occurs, will typically be noted after 4-6 months of Nitroxyl supplementation.

Q. Should I ask my doctor about Nitric Oxide?
A. As with any nutritional supplement, check with your pharmacist or physician when adding to your regimen. However, many practitioners are just now learning about the benefits of Nitric Oxide and about products like Nitroxyl, which is designed to help restore levels. For this reason, many doctors are still unfamiliar with the ingredients found in NItroxyl and therefore will not have any comment.

Q. Why haven't I heard of nitric oxide if it's so important?
A. It has long been suggested that a new scientific discovery will take 17-20 years to be implemented into mainstream health care. It has been 15 years since the Nobel Prize was awarded to the researchers who discovered nitric oxide, and now with over 120,000 studies published in the medical literature we are beginning to see the awareness growing. Much of the interest in restoring nitric oxide levels has for years been limited to the body building community. Now that other benefits have been documented, there is now major interest from those outside the body building community who are concerned about and interested in the prevention of many diseases.

Q.What is the difference between nitric oxide supplements and why would I choose Nitroxyl?
A. It's all about the formula. Nitroxyl is the most comprehensive formula we have been able to find on the market, and as new information is published it will continue to evolve and improve. We encourage our customers to compare to the other leading brands and then consider the price. Indeed, one can price out each individual ingredient from reputable suppliers and find that it is far more expensive to take each ingredient separately. And importantly, Nitroxyl is free of artificial colors (which can irritate the brain and immune system in many people), preservatives, and high-dose arginine. It's simply the best.

Q. Can't I get enough nitric oxide from my diet?
A. Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collards, along with pomegranate, beets, and cocoa will supply the body with a lot of the raw materials required to manufacture nitric oxide (which is why some of these are added to Nitroxyl). Indeed, it is important to consume these foods daily while taking Nitroxyl to obtain the maximum benefit. However, people over 40 years of age will need the benefit of supplemental nitric oxide precursors to reach the ideal level of nitric oxide production in the body. We all lose the ability to efficiently produce nitric oxide as we age, and the deficiency really accelerates at around age 40.

Q. Does nitric oxide interact with any medications or other supplements?
A. Due to the fact that all people react differently to medications and supplements, it is always important to check with your pharmacist or doctor when adding Nitroxyl to your regimen. We have never heard of anyone experiencing a cross-reaction with another nutritional supplement. But often we see a synergistic effect with some medications that lower blood pressure or glucose. It’s not a cross-reaction to the drugs, but over time Nitroxyl often improves blood pressure and medication is reduced to prevent the blood pressure from falling too low. The same is sometimes seen in glucose metabolism and medications may need to be reduced to prevent hypoglycemia.

Q. Can you take Nitroxyl if you are on blood thinners (anti-coagulants)?
Nitric oxide products create an effect in the body known as vasodilation, which allows blood vessels to relax and open up pathways for blood flow. This side effect has many benefits for athletic performance, anti-aging and heart health. However, adverse side effects from vasodilation can include the risk of excessive bleeding and low blood pressure. If you're on heart medications, like blood pressure medication or blood thinning medication, check with your physician before using any of these products.Many people have been safely using NO supplements along with anti-coagulants (blood thinners) but it’s always wise to check with your medical doctor before doing so.

Q. It seems expensive, can I take a smaller dose and still benefit?
When you compare Nitroxyl's formula to any other on the market you will see that we come out far more economical than any other leading brand. That said, we understand that some people simply can’t afford two dollars per day despite the profound health benefits to be had. The three capsule dosage is designed to give an adequate amount of the necessary precursors to facilitate nitric oxide production in the body, so for really good results the maximum dose should be used at least for the first six months. After that time, reducing to two capsules per day will most likely be adequate for the long - term.