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Nitroxyl- Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews

Amazingly Effective Supplement
This product has helped me with hypertension, peripheral neuropathy, and even sexual performance. My only complaint is that there is no quantity discount offered. I would gladly buy a year's supply at a time for a decent discount of 20% or so. Other than the price, I have nothing but praise for the product. It is not that the price is not justifiable, it is just that I am on a fixed income. UPDATE: I took this for three months, then I tried a cheaper supplement containing L-arginine, hoping for similar results for less money. It only took a couple of weeks for reversal of the improvements I had realized with the Nitroxyl. My peripheral neuropathy and hypertension were both dramatically improved after the first month of taking Nitroxyl. However, both problems reverted to previous levels upon discontinuation of this product and substituting it with the L-argenine product. I would recommend giving this product a try. If it works for you as well as it worked for me, you will be very glad that you did.- Allen L.

Altitude aid
This product is fantastic! I bought it before I moved to Colorado from NC and it really helped me adjust to the altitude much better than not doing anything. I had been out to visit before and the altitude was hard for me, getting winded and just feeling weird. But the move went smoothly. Highly recommend. - Cindi J

Been using product for 5 months, results are astounding. - Jody B

Superb Product
Nitroxyl is hands down the best nitric oxide supplement. Without hesitation, it is very easy to say this is a top notch product. - Kelly D

Awesome Product
This product is great. It's reasonably priced, and after 2 weeks I'm already seeing results from combining this with my workouts. - Nicholas A

It really does work for us older gentlemen. - Scott G

Five Stars
Awesome Product. Highly Recommended. - Sonya G

Healthy Blood Pressure
I turned 65 four months ago and my son (who is a Doctor) provided me with a six month supply of Nitroxyl, as it has become his nitric oxide supplement of choice for his own patients. My blood pressure was already normal and my blood tests were fine, but he explained (at quite some length) that a truly effective nitric oxide supplement was crucial to maximizing health and minimizing disease risk, and that the benefits would become obvious to me over time. He made it clear that everyone over the age of 40 should be taking a supplement to effectively support nitric oxide production. I am now four months into my Nitroxyl use and I am amazed at how much better I feel. I really didn't realize how much I had lost until I gained it back. My memory has been enhanced, my concentration is sharper and longer lasting, my muscular endurance noticeably better and my breathing seems to be deeper and more effortless. So, from someone who did not feel she needed a nitric oxide supplement based on a paucity of "problems", I can give this product an enthusiastic five stars. The enhancement to my overall function serves as an overall confirmation to me that the protective effect provided by Nitroxyl is truly robust, and I plan to take it for life - a longer and more enjoyable one at that! - Sandra B

Five Stars
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 7 years ago. Since then I have experienced tremors and a general slowing down both physically and mentally. Sleeping through the night was impossible. I started taking Nitroxyl in late Dec. of last year and since then I have experienced an overall feeling of well being. I am sleeping so much better. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed for the first time in years. I believe the tremors have decreased and I say this because I have missed my scheduled medication several times and must consciously make sure to take my pills. I walk several times a week and my wife says she can't keep up to me, so I am obviously not a slowpoke anymore. Our lovelife has gotten better too. That has been a nice benefit. My wife also has been taking nitroxyl and she tells me is also sleeping better and her energy levels have increased. Overall we feel taking Nitroxyl has been a benefit and will continue to do so. - Wayne J.

Great Night Sleep - Harry H

Sleeping better
After 4 months of taking Nitroxyl, I started sleeping through the night and my restless leg syndrome is gone. I know it is the Nitroxyl because after I stopped taking it for a month my restless leg symptoms started to come back. - Zachary W

Several years ago I was found to have leaky gut and blood-brain barrier that had developed as a result of an old concussion. This process had left me fairly debilitated with crushing fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, headaches, and foggy thinking. I have seen several specialists who are regarded as being among the very best in the world. I have several food peptide antibodies (such as gluten and dairy) and all of the doctors have had a difficult time finding supplements that I can tolerate that will facilitate gastrointestinal repair and improve my brain function. After trying dozens of products, I was running out of options when one of my doctors recommended I try Nitroxyl as a means of increasing my nitric oxide level. Since beginning Nitroxyl I have been sleeping much better, I have less fatigue, less pain, and I am now able to walk long distances for exercise. I have even recently joined a gym! It is the first supplement I have been able to tolerate and it has made an incredible difference in my health and well being. I would highly recommend this supplement to anyone trying to recover health or those who are healthy and wish to stay that way. - Kellie

Nitroxyl has been and I can imagine will be a game changer for a healthier way of life for myself...and my entire family!

I began taking Nitroxyl when I heard that nitric oxide can help with the onset, as well as continuing stages of Alzheimer's. My grandfather had alzheimer's and my father is beginning to show signs of the disease as well. Therefore, I chose to start thinking proactively instead of reactively by trying Nitroxyl. After a few days of use I felt an increased amount of alertness and energy throughout the day. Likewise, Nitroxyl has become a wonderful compliment to the supplements that I have already incorporated into my regimen. For instance, with increased circulation from Nitroxyl I have experienced and extra boost from supplements such my multi-vitamin and glucosamine. Meaning, my overall health (e.g., joints, mental clarity) have benefited greatly due to Nitroxyl. I am excited to witness the same kind of benefits that my father will experience after taking Nitroxyl for his health problems (i.e., heart disease, initial stages of Alzheimer's). All in all Nitroxyl has been and I can imagine will be a game changer for a healthier way of life for myself...and my entire family! - Judson J

I will continue to take this product and will recommend it to anyone in need of blood pressure help
I suffered from high blood pressure as well as contracted alopecia areata. After months with little improvement in my alopecia it was suggested to me to try this product as it was supposed to help with the blood pressure and maybe it would help with the hair patches. After a few weeks I noticed that my sleeping had improved which I had not expected. I usually had wakeful nights but I was sleeping through the night restfully. My blood pressure was lowering and my hair had started to grow in. I am not sure if the hair regrowth was result of the Nitroxyl but it started to regrow quickly once I started to take it (after a few weeks) where I had months of no improvement. I will continue to take this product and will recommend it to anyone in need of blood pressure help, helping your restless sleep and if you suffer from alopecia to give it a shot. - Eric J.

Amazing Incredible product. I am very cautious in regards to what type of nutritional products I purchase. I have had asthma since I was a young child and after being on the product for 4 days, my inhaler use has been cut drastically. I cannot believe it! I look forward to the additional benefits I will see while on Nitroxyl.

I feel better already
I just recently started taking this and I feel better already. As a senior citizen I'm active but am trying to minimize the effects of aging. I like the idea that this can help my energy levels, aid with weight loss and perhaps combat Alzheimer's disease. 

Very Happy Customer!
I started taking Nitroxyl after my doctor recommended it as a natural way to lower blood pressure. I have been taking blood thinning medication for years and as a result have had embarrassing bruising on the backs of both my hands. After one week of taking Nitroxyl, I noticed the bruising on my hands started to clear up. After 3 weeks, my hands are almost completely clear of any bruises. I almost forgot what my hands looked like. My blood pressure has dropped an average of 10 points even though I have been told it can take a few months to lower blood pressure. After the changes I've already seen I've been telling everybody about nitric oxide and Nitroxyl. - Rose B

Five Stars
Best vitamin supplement I have ever taken. It has made my irregular heartbeat go away. - Kenneth A
Increased Energy!

I have noticed an overall increased energy in all aspects of my life. Especially in the gym, I am able to do more with less fatigue. I have taken many nutritional supplements throughout my life some worked and some did not, this one definitely works! - Mark J

Great energy levels have increased and I have been sleeping so much better. I highly recommend it! - Traci K

Totally Impressed

I'm in my early/mid 40's, and have started working out (after taking a break.... for....about a decade). So things have been a bit sore. I had heard about Nitroxyl from a close friend whom I greatly respect (physician, has worked out his whole life, nutritional nut, etc.). I can tell you first hand, I have far less aches and pains in my joints after my runs since taking Nitroxyl. I've been taking it about a month now. I have also read about the potential benefits involving staving off Alzheimer's. I have a family history of this, and have read of the benefits of Nitric Oxide's potential (due to increased blood flow) in helping to avoid this horrific disease. Because of this, and many other benefits, I'm sold on the benefits of Nitric Oxide. And Nitroxyl is simply the best quality at the best price. - Timaee

Had peripheral neuropathy for over 40 years. This supplement works. Mental function improved. Energy level dramatically improved. I'm without pain for the first time in years. I have only been taking, as instructed for two weeks. Can't wait to see where I am in six months. I'll update soon. - Karle

I feel better now than I did 15 years ago. i'm just turning 70 and work out everyday by running 1.6 miles and weight training every other day. I've noticed a big difference in recover after a workout. The product does what it says it will do. Can't beat that. - Pat

New to Nitric Oxide
I'd read about the benefits of Nitric Oxide, and a neighbor turned me on to Nitroxyl. I'm one of those guys who gets the dark circles under his eyes and I always feel pale. When someone says "you look like you got some color in your face, good for you." that makes you feel great...especially if you haven't been in the sun! I've also been sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. I'll be curious to see my numbers when I see the doctor later this month. Looking forward to finishing my first regimen of the product. - John N

Nitroxyl Performance- Nitric Oxide Reviews

Improved my workouts!
I started taking this after reading it could improve athletic performance. Expensive but worth it. - Anonymous
A huge reduction in aches and pains
This did a lot for my endurance with exercise and especially yard work. A huge reduction in aches and pains. - Les S

Great product for post-workout recovery. I feel awesome! - Kyle L

Major improvement in my overall thought processes. I am extremely pleased with this product. I know circulation is important. Since taking Nitroxyl, I have noticed several major improvements in my memory and my ability to focus. I absolutely love that I have found this product. - Keith

Great Supplement - Great Results - Improved Well-being
Tremendous product that has delivered excellent results!! I am 46 and sit all day at my desk. If I'm not in my office I am traveling from city to city and bouncing through different time zones. This lifestyle and schedule can be exhausting and lends to feeling tired, poor mental clarity and a lack of motivation to workout. If that wasn't enough, being at my desk all day just isn't healthy and I keep hearing that "sitting is the new smoking"! Knowing that I NEED to workout, I researched supplements that would boost my energy, endurance, performance and didn't contain caffeine/other stimulants. Nitroxyl clearly rose to the top of my findings and has delivered everything it proclaimed and more: boosted energy, more complete workouts (leading to improved physical results) and I am more mentally focused. This supplement has improved my overall well-being therefore highly recommended and worth investing in!